Commercial Loans

Business financing and loans

Whether you’re growing your wealth through organic business growth or business acquisitions, chances are you’ll eventually need some business financing to achieve your goals.

In many cases, leveraging the purchase with some debts using your equity (deposit) provides optimum return on investment. We can assist with this analysis and investment decision matrix:

  • Crunch the numbers, do scenario analysis and prepare budgets and forecasts as to whether your proposed business venture is likely to succeed. We forecast how long it’s likely to take for your business loan to be paid off.
  • Structure your debt in a way that maximizes your tax advantages. There are a number of ways in which you can finance your business growth: sometimes unsecured business loans work well; other times a secured loan is a better idea.
  • Arrange the best value loan. Biz Mortgages works with partners who can arrange the best value loans for you, Some business and commercial loans will attract fees for our services.
  • Prepare the reports required by the banks to assess business loans. We have the expertise to organize these reports.